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I'm very excited to have a solo exhibition at Cross Gallery in Bundaberg, which opened September 7th!
It's an exhibition of paintings relating to sleep and other nocturnal thoughts, particularly the sleep and rest states of dancers and acrobats. This has been my passion for the last three and a half years, and as there are so many facets to explore, I don't really foresee it finishing soon
Here are some paintings that are on show there, and some happy-snaps of the preparation! I'll continue adding to this page until after the opening, so feel free to stop in again!


Nocturne, an exhibition by Billy Shannon

The flyer, featuring 'Dark Matter'

Billy by Brad Marsellos

Here's a link to an interview with me by Brad Marsellos for ABC Open! ... Billy Shannon: Nocturne at Cross Gallery If the link is broken try this one.. Alternate mp3

Off to Bundaberg!

The van is packed and off we go!!

Clinton Cross, of Cross Gallery

Clinton Cross, was fantastic at laying out the work in his space!

Hanging with Clinton

Hanging with Clinton

Hanging with Clinton

Hanging with Clinton

It was a great day, hanging the work with Sona and Clinton. Loads of fun and we worked quite efficiently in a fairly tight schedule.

Broken Sleep, acrylic on canvas, 1380 x 1020mm, 2017

Broken Sleep
1380 x 1020mm, 2017
Acrylic on canvas, $4,000

Richard Causer, a contemporary dancer working with Expressions Dance Company, sees sleep as incomplete and broken shapes.

Reworking art

Re-looking at some work preparing for 'Nocturne'
I sometimes decide that works have more questions to answer. More details, feelings and thoughts need to emerge..
Oh yeah, the ubiquitous cat play area is rather prominent today..

Finishing some

The studio on August 21st, about 2 weeks before the show!
I sometimes decide that works have more questions to answer, more details, feelings and thoughts need to emerge..

A spark from the Sun

Friends stole a spark from the Sun
to light the subterranean night,
because the eyes of man in dying
search out the Sun; and all breasts
send their last sigh to the light that flies
Ugo Foscolo

A Spark from the Sun
1910 x580mm, 2017
Acrylic on canvas and a real coffin lid (cardboard, for cremation), $2,000


Nocturne at Cross Gallery, Bundaberg

All set up! I'm extremely happy with how the show looks! The rough, industrial space lifts my work and the beautiful couch in the centre compliments it perfectly!

Cross Gallery, Bundaberg

How to get there! (with Google Maps)

Setting up the show

We hit the ground running after leaving Brisbane a 7am, arriving in Bundaberg at 11 with a clear schedule in mind

Sona Babajanyan on the tools!!

Sona Babajanyan looking rather convincing with a drill! I added some lights to leave for the gallery.

Scary Sona!

Perhaps Sona's a little scary with that drill..!

Creative Fire – Asher Bowen-Saunders, Acrylic on Canvas 970 x 970mm 2018

Creative Fire - Asher Bowen-Saunders
970 x 970mm, 2018
Acrylic on Canvas, $2,400

Sleep informs many creative artists, Asher is an acrobat and contemporary dancer based in Brisbane, working both nationally and internationally. In her painting, I am looking at the creative inspiration that sometimes comes to us in dreams as well as Asher's specific creative fire.

Stages of Sleep, acrylic on canvas, 1220 x 1530mm, 2018

Stages of Sleep
1220 x 1530mm, 2018
Acrylic on Canvas, $5,000

Emma Hawthorne, a singer/dancer on tour in Australia with the musical, Mama Mia. As with most physical performers, she rolled around quite a lot during her several 'sleep sessions', so I just kept painting her as she moved. For me, this painting shows Emma's sleep unravelling her day's activities and indicates her self-nurturing nature and positive life choices.
Around the time that I was painting this, I started researching the science and structure of sleep, which inspired some thoughts in Emma's painting by the various layers of sleep cycles. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep is when we dream, but it follows 3 non-rem periods (N1, N2 and N3) each with different EEG patterns and healing properties. We have several sleep cycles throughout the night lasting about 45 minutes each and in between each cycle we often wake for a few seconds, although we forget it by the morning. I tried to depict the feeling of her moving between the cycles and even breaching the surface of sleep during one of these moments of waking.

Loving my studio!

A work in progress..
Chloe de Buyl-Pisco, listening to whales, dreaming of them and communicating with them.


Shannon Berry-Bam

Dark Matter
1020 x 1530mm,2017
Acrylic on canvas, $3,500

Shannon Berry Bam is a circus performer involved with Vulcana Women's Circus in Brisbane and we have worked on several paintings together. Like almost all of the physical performers, her sleep is both restorative and highly active and almost every time I'd look back from my canvas to her, she would be in a slightly different position. I love all of that and just keep painting them in their various new places and wait for them to cycle around again to approximate positions to continue my work.

Gaia, Acrylic on Canvas, 610 x 1530mm, 2017

610 x 1530mm, 2017
Acrylic on Canvas, $2,200

Independent Brisbane performer and writer, Danielle Lisa, is deeply involved in the spirit of life, energy, human spirit, the spirit of love. This imbues all of her creative ourpourings and personal interactions. Danielle also perceives sleep as oval-shaped. These thoughts led me to the Planck image of the known universe and how we are all connected and affected by all around us.

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