The Black Sun

Friends stole a spark from the Sun
to light the subterranean night,
because the eyes of man in dying
search out the Sun; and all breasts
send their last sigh to the light that flies

Ugo Foscolo

The Black Sun is both the luminary and Charon of the nether world, the realm of transitions and mythology. Life to death and death to life.

We are drawn towards the Black Sun almost by a gravitational pull and our souls pass through it as we would through a black hole, emerging through the white hole to our next incarnation. The Black Sun moves along its own path quite independent of our will and desires and when our life path intersects it, we transpire.

This symbol or theme first came to me around 1994. It's beginnings were prior to that, developing out of my meditation practice and by noticing that although there are solid surfaces in a tangible sense, on an energetic level there are none. The seed of the Black Sun paintings perhaps stem from when I came across the Foscolo poem 'On Tombs' in 1991

'The Black Sun'     Jan 2002    Click me for more detail

'The Black Sun'
Jan 2002  
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Acrylic on Canvas, 1060 x 1420mm

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