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As my bike was when I first bought it...

First photo

1987 Yamaha FZX750

This rare bike is also known as a "Baby V-Max", it was a concept bike in the mid 80's and only available in Australia as an import. Consequently, there are only about 40 of these here.

My bike is the 'restricted' model, built for rider training in Japan. "Restricted" meaning that it should only go up to 180 km/h! and a red light comes on when I hit 80 km/h... Mine has been derestricted and although I have no interest in hitting the top speeds, I have heard that it sits very comfortably at over 180 km/h. The engine is the Genesis and has 20 valves.

For a lot of information about these bikes and to look at the way they can be modified, check out the links on the left. There are some really interesting sites..

This page is more about 'happy snaps' of me and bikes...

Here are my bike and a friend hanging out in the back yard..

Hanging out...

The keen observer will notice that I have changed the mirrors and bars on mine. Now I can see past my shoulders and I like the upward energy of the additions..

My ex-partner's bike was a 2001 Virago 250. She has been riding for over 14 years, but had a break from it and wanted a small bike to get back into riding again.. Very wise! Also she taught me to ride on it. It's a real cutie!! Now she has upgraded to a Ducati Monster. Fantastic bike!


Here's my baby just after getting all the chrome, forks and wheels professionally polished and a new rear tyre. This reminds me of a fashion model, grunge shot..

Although I always say that the FZX is my first bike, I swapped a painting for a Vespa ET2 a few years ago and that is how I ended up on 2 wheels... Here is my real first bike, which I rode for about 18 months before learning to ride a 'real' bike...

My little ET2