In the last little while...

In the last little while...

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Late in 2007 I was employed as Leading Hand Scenic Artist of backdrops and murals for Walden Media's film 'Nim's Island', starring Jodie Foster..

Michael O'Kane was the Head Scenic Artist and Eamon O'Kane (not related to Michael) was the Scenic Foreman. Both fantastic painters. I also had the pleasure of working with Mark Dixon, Joe Smith and Geoff Smith (also not related) on this show

Here are some shots of things I painted for the movie.

Still shot

Mural and feature wood grain for the dining room scene on board the so called pirate ship, the 'Buccaneer'

Ships dining room

Wood grain

Still shot

Above and below are stills from the movie..


Way in the back there is the 13 x 10 metre backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge and sky...

Nim's backdrop

Painting the backdrop

There's little ol' me painting the sky...

Hilary in San Fran

Hilary pretending to be back home in San Francisco just before we repainted the drop as a grey background for the island scenes. It had been folded, taken to another studio and re-stretched, so it was dirty.

The muraled bathroom

In another shot from the movie, Jodie Foster cleans her teeth in the bathroom that her character painted.. On the special features of the Nim's Island DVD, Jodie Foster and Abigail Breslin give the bathroom a good rave. My friend Geoff Smith and I painted the murals and I did the wood grain work as well..

Bathroom in progress

Early stages of the bathroom

Go out side??!!

Wood grain and wear for the front door...

Inside knob

Against the door

Outside view

Through the markings and wear on the door, I wanted to express the fear and anxiety that Jodie Foster's character felt about the outside world. So I tried to make the peep-hole seem a little paranoid.. This kind of thought is not consciously picked up by the viewer, but is part of the accumulated effect of the creative process of film making.


The images on this site are solely to provide examples of my scenic art work..


Here is the way to the Internet Movie DataBase site for Nim's Island.