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Here's what's available at the moment! I'm always interested in doing commissioned works and murals as well, so feel free to email me and tell me if my works inspire you into some new idea!
Here are 3 ways to buy the paintings that you see here!

1 .. Email me and we can arrange an easy way
2 .. If you are in Australia you can buy my work through Bluethumb online gallery
3 .. If you are anywhere else in the world, it's easiest to buy my work through Saatchi Art

All prices are in Australian Dollars and do not include shipping as the cost vary depending on where you are in the world

Broken Sleep, Incomplete sleep, patterns broken

Broken Sleep
Acrylic on canvas, 2017
1380 x 1020mm, $4,000
Richard Causer, a contemporary dancer working with Expressions Dance Company, sees sleep as incomplete and broken shapes.

'Planck image of the universe

Acrylic on Canvas, 2017
610 x 1530mm, 2,200
Independent Brisbane performer and writer, Danielle Lisa, is deeply involved in the spirit of life, energy, human spirit, the spirit of love. This imbues all of her creative ourpourings and personal interactions. Danielle also perceives sleep as oval-shaped. These thoughts led me to the Planck image of the known universe and how we are all connected and affected by all around us.

Todd Kilby

Form and Formlessness
Acrylic on Canvas, 2016
1220 x 1530mm, $4,500
In this painting of Todd Kilby, an acrobat working with Circa Contemporary Circus, I am exploring the formlessness of sleep. How we dissipate into the ethereal as we drift off into dreams.
The fact that Todd spent some time in a Buddhist monastery gave me the key into his formless self as a concept.

Courtney Dreaming Through the Orion Nebula

Courtney Dreaming Through the Orion Nebula
Acrylic on canvas, 2016
1220 x 1530mm, $4,500
The sleep of highly active people fascinates me.. This painting of the contemporary dancer, Courtney Scheu, explores her feelings of sleep being like a heavy bottomed cloud. Courtney is an extremely active person, with a sharp mind and is highly inventive in her art. In this painting I'm looking at the spiritual shift that creates art. Each act of creation is a deep emotional and spiritual quickening, so I coupled Courtney with the Orion Nebula due to it's reputation as the 'birthplace of stars', birthplace of ideas, spirit and creative thought.

Stages of Sleep, acrylic on canvas, 1220 x 1530mm, 2018

Stages of Sleep
Acrylic on Canvas, 2018
1220 x 1530mm, $4,500
Emma Hawthorne, a singer/dancer on tour in Australia with the musical, Mama Mia. As with most physical performers, she rolled around quite a lot during her several 'sleep sessions', so I just kept painting her as she moved. For me, this painting shows Emma's sleep unravelling her day's activities and indicates her self-nurturing nature and positive life choices.
Around the time that I was painting this, I started researching the science and structure of sleep, which inspired some thoughts in Emma's painting by the various layers of sleep cycles. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep is when we dream, but it follows 3 non-rem periods (N1, N2 and N3) each with different EEG patterns and healing properties. We have several sleep cycles throughout the night lasting about 45 minutes each and in between each cycle we often wake for a few seconds, although we forget it by the morning. I tried to depict the feeling of her moving between the cycles and even breaching the surface of sleep during one of these moments of waking.


The Glance of Brahma

Glance of Brahma
Acrylic on Canvas, 2016
1700 x 2400mm, $9,000

All our lives, histories and dreams are but a moment in the passing glance of Brahma.
When looking at both the size and lifespan of the planetary nebula known variously as the Helix, Eye of God or NGC 7293 it is easy to imagine the minute scale that we occupy in the universe. If Brahma creates by looking, how many galaxies are formed in a glance, or in a breath?
Redon's Cyclops came up when painting this work, the almost startled innocence of Polyphemus as he stumbles across the naiad, Galatea, counterpointed with Redon's forebodings of war and loss. Dreams and associations, we see forms in earthbound clouds, the dust of the universe, smoke and our perspective of the visible stars.

Emma Serjent

Dark Matter
Acrylic on canvas, 2017
1020 x 1530mm, $3,500
Shannon Berry Bam is a circus performer involved with Vulcana Women's Circus in Brisbane and we have worked on several paintings together. Like almost all of the physical performers, her sleep is both restorative and highly active and almost every time I'd look back from my canvas to her, she would be in a slightly different position. I love all of that and just keep painting them in their various new places and wait for them to cycle around again to approximate positions to continue my work.

Creative Fire - Asher Bowen-Saunders

Creative Fire - Asher Bowen-Saunders
Acrylic on Canvas, 2018
970 x 970mm, $2,400

Sleep informs many creative artists, Asher is an acrobat and contemporary dancer based in Brisbane. In her painting, I am looking at the creative inspiration that sometimes comes to us in dreams as well as Asher's specific creative fire.


Acrylic on canvas, 2010
1220 x 1530mm, $4,500
A painting based on the breathing and the alchemical nature of air, fuel and fire of my motorcycle, a 1987, Yamaha FZX750
The FZX 750 is a concept bike based on the V-Max and is pretty rare, I think that there are only about 40 of them in Australia.. Needless to say, I love it, love the sound and feel of it's acceleration.. The Genesis engine was developed for it and the FZ 750 and went on to be used in the YZF-R1

Whale Dreaming

Whale Dreaming
Acrylic on canvas, 2018
1220 x 1020mm, $3,000
Chloe de Buyl-Pisco, listening to whales, dreaming of communicating with them.