This Exquisite Torture

The Beginnings and Ends of Relationships

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Fusions Gallery,
Cnr. Brunswick and Malt St. Fortitude Valley.

This exhibition involves 3 artists exploring their expreriances and feelings around the beginings and ends of relationships, be they of a personal or political nature.

For me, the exhibition is reflective of both the giddy heights and darkest pits that romantic relationships can inspire, and how both extremes are often felt at the same time.

My work is very rarely literal; I seek to express the 'drivers' behind acts of passion, habitual coupling and the impetus to reproduce. One of the larger paintings, 'Persephone', explores the intrinsic bond which remains after even a hurtful separation. In the myth of Persephone, she is compelled to return to her lover/captor, Hades, for 3 months of each year. During this time her mother, Demeter, makes the world go fallow in her grief. This bond between mother - daughter and captivator - captive is expressed by a spark of light between soul and soul.

As Fusions is a gallery for the exhibition of clay and glass artwork, it is rare for them to exhibit the work of painters. The premise of this show is the conceptual exchange between ceramic artists and painters. The ceramic sculptor, David Metaxas and I have been in close contact throughout the production period of this exhibition, exchanging concepts and taking inspiration from each others processes. Thomas Vale-Slattery has produced both 2 and 3 dimensional work and taken impetus from both David's and my work.

Sun of the Nether World
Caravaggio's Fruit Series
More Paintings