January 2015

January was great! Busy and productive!

This month I have been enjoying working on unprimed canvas, I love the absorbent quality of the first few layers, then the way light becomes slightly diffused within the painting layers later..

Also this month, I have started developing my 1 page tarot ‘cheat sheet’, which I can carry around with my various tarot decks.. I just find it handy to note the Waite/Smith influenced interpretations whilst reading..

I’ll probably keep updating the interpretations, re-exploring the numerological and elemental influences on the card’s meanings. Also exploring earlier interpretations of them.. You’ll note that I don’t bother with reversed meanings, they are inherent to the original thought..

Here are the tarot pages download links
1 sheet tarot word doc
1 sheet tarot pdf
1 sheet tarot in 2 columns word doc
1 sheet tarot in 2 columns pdf

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