January has been great! Not so much for getting paintings in the studio done, but for getting the necessary organisational structure and financial flow happening so I can focus on my work sans fretting. That also includes learning WordPress and getting this site set up with the new on-line shop and generally to a point where it’s easy to update and add to..

Broken and mending heart 2014

Broken and mending heart in the studio.

The works on the go in the studio are mainly the heart series as I have a couple of commissions for them. Of course there are several other series on the go, that’s just the way I work. Here’s a painting that I am loving at pres. It is a broken and mending heart, which to me is about surviving and growing through the rigors of relationships. They can be so deeply challenging and sometimes just feels impossible to continue, but by staying true to one’s heart and continuing to listen, trust, care and learn, we may grow better and stronger.

February is going to be an intensely busy month as I have just landed a MASSIVE commission to create several murals and paintings for a new office in the middle of Brisbane city. More on that later..