Courtney dreaming through the Orion Nebula

Courtney dreaming through the Orion Nebula

Acrylic on Canvas, 1200 x 1500mm, 2016

'Courtney Scheu and the Orion Nebula' Acrylic on Canvas by Billy Shannon

‘Courtney Scheu and the Orion Nebula’ Acrylic on Canvas 1200 x 1500mm 2016

The sleep of highly active people fascinates me.. This painting of the contemporary dancer, Courtney Scheu, explores her feelings of sleep being like a heavy bottomed cloud. Courtney is an extremely active person, with a sharp mind and is highly inventive in her art. I coupled her with the Orion Nebula for it’s reputation as the ‘birthplace of stars’. I perceive this as birthplace of ideas and creative thought.

This painting is part of an ongoing series, where I am exploring various aspects of sleep, particularly the sleep of creative people..

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