Marshal Baghramyan Ave

$ 160$ 550 (AUD)

  • USD: $105 - $359

Limited edition of 10 each size
Archival ink on Hahnemühle Baryta 325gsm fine art paper


Yerevan, the capital of Armenia is a beautiful city. Apart from the amount of sculptural work which adorns it, the city is quite overrun with vegetation. In every available spot, a vine or tree takes root and flourishes. In every private garden, there are fruit trees. Marshal Baghramyan Avenue is one of the main streets leading out of the city and it is brimming with tress and vines.

I think that the amount of vegetation influences and reflects the personality of the city’s inhabitants. In a city where three marked traffic lanes accomodate four or so rows of cars, travelling quickly and with quite a flexible take on road rules, the plants create calm, and attempt to clean the air. In this work, the plants have overtaken the cars, the people and pervade the air. Sona Babajanyan is semi-seen on the street where she grew up, happy and in tune with the vibe of the city..

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