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This was the period when I had my final involvements in the theatre and film industries and started to set myself up for my present life in my art studio. After the New Farm Art Stockroom folded in 2006, I spent about a year working with Adam Head, in Head's Up Film Services, painting scenery and making all sorts of crazy things. I had some fantastic times in the performing arts, but I'm a visual artist at heart and have always gravitated back to the studio.



Doors for the band 'Powderfinger's film clip, 'Hotel Existence'


The business of a film shoot..


Doors for the band 'Powderfinger's film clip, 'Hotel Existence' were painted to replicate the doors in Brisbane City Hall for a seamless transformation during the clip.

The Met nightclub

Another set of doors, this time for 'The Met' nightclub in Brisbane. It was whilst I was working with Heads Up Film Services

Adam Head, of Head's Up Film Services

Adam Head, of Head's Up Film Services, with one of his creations for a children's play area at the State Library of Queensland

Bella Italia

A transformative trip to Italy

Life changing decisions

Inspired by Italia, I developed a plan to allow me to spend all my time in the studio!

The new studio!

My new and present studio in 2011!

Studio life

Studio Life

Fun in the studio!


Genesis, inspired by my motorbike. The alchemy of carburation

Post Italy studio

The studio, post Italy


Nim's Island

Late in 2007 I was employed as Leading Hand Scenic Artist of backdrops and murals for the feature film 'Nim's Island', starring Jodie Foster..
This is a bathroom mural that Jodie Foster's character had painted, Geoff Smith and I painted the room in a week and it receives quite lovely praise on the special features track of the Nim's Island DVD.

Nim's Island

p class="style2">Part way through painting the bathroom.

Nim's Island

Little ol' me on a scissor lift, painting a beautiful sky! I loved working on this movie! The people were superb and I got to do some amazing work!

Nim's Island

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Nim's Island

A glimpse of the backdrop in the film..

Nim's Island

Hilary pretending that she is back home in San Fran

Swooping in

More on-set fun with Hillary

Feature woodgrain

Feature woodgrain work for Nim's Island

High energy

Through the markings and wear on the door, I wanted to express the fear and anxiety that Jodie Foster's character felt about the outside world. So I tried to make the peep-hole seem a little paranoid.. This kind of thought is not consciously picked up by the viewer, but is part of the accumulated effect of the creative process of film making.

Billy Shannon's studio in April 2014

A mural and woodgrain for Nim's

Billy Shannon's studio in April 2014

And as seen in the movie


And as seen in the movie

The flights of angels into my studio!

Looking into my beautiful studio..

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