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The year of the Horse galloping along with several commissions of both easel paintings and a set of murals in an inner city office. I feel quite blessed to have the time to work all day in my beautiful studio.. I am quite addicted to being here..
Here are some happy snaps a year dominated by questions and matters of the heart..


Steering the ship

The navigator

Enjoying my studio

Eugene is now a weekly visitor to my studio! It's fantastic to watch his development!

Learning the ropes

Honor worked well with us! Painting the murals at Irish Bentley Lawyers

Irish Bentley's logo painting

Logo painting installed

Lots of heart

My studio at Huntingdon continues to evolve..
Old works stacked and trying to avoid flying paint, new works examined and explored in turn..

Billy Shannon's busy studio

Dani gets paint on her hands for the first time!

Stepping up the quality

My first stretcher frames from Chapman and Bailey!


First painting

Eugene Gilfedder was writing a play about a painter and wanted to watch me do a painting, I suggested that it would be better if he did one himself. The result is that he became hooked on it!

Swooping in

A Peregrine falcon swoops into Irish Bentley Lawyers boardroom!

Several rooms of murals!!

One mural spanned 6 offices!

High energy

Zoe loves how her office is going!

Billy Shannon's studio in April 2014

My beautiful studio!


Learning new techniques

The flights of angels

The question of seraphim

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