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I'm very excited to be holding a studio exhibition with Sona Babajanyan in our beautiful studio house in Bowen Hills!!

The show will feature my work done since April 2015 exploring sleep, specifically paintings of sleeping acrobats and dancers, and Sona's works relating to sleep and dreams.
I am loving so many aspects of this series! From the simple contrast presented by working with highly active people in repose, to the discussion of their perception of sleep.. I feel that this is the beginning of an ongoing project, spanning several years..!


Quick sketch

I love sketching in paint on unprimed canvas. If I like one, I can then stretch it onto a frame and develop the idea further..

First layer

At the end of May

Packing Billy!

The flyer for our show! I love the way our tones and feelings are similar in our work, but we approach it from entirely different perspectives!

Within a dream

Mineur, Master of Circus
Acrylic on Canvas, 970 x 970mm, 2016

In the final stages of preparing work for this exhibition!

19th June. Working on paintings of Rachael Gibson and Asher Bowen-Saunders.

First marks

Racheal Gibson rolling in her sleep
Acrylic on Canvas, 1200 x 1500mm, 2016
This is the first of the paintings where I just kept working as the sleeper rolled about. The multiple images give a sense of time, movement and relationship to self

Friends visiting

Nicky Faubert and Sona at our show! Nicky was amazing on the night playing the Dark Acrobat Waitress and just spreading her beautiful energy around.

Inner Flight

People loving Sona's studio!


Dreams of flight...

The studio in mid May! So many works on the go!!


Nicky Flaubert seeking her corner
Acrylic on Canvas,

Integrating work from the beginning of the process with the thoughts that have developed over the last year or so

17th June in the studio, still a few months before the first studio show, and I am working around the room, letting each work inform the others.

Dreams and nebulae

Shannon Berry-Bam in the Rosette Nebula
Acrylic on Canvas, 970 x 970mm, 2016
In our dreams our consciousness has the elasticity of nebulae

Talking of dreams

Art is all about communication

Inner Flights

I love Sona's work table

Inner Flight

Form and Formlessness
Acrylic on Canvas, 970 x 970mm, 2016
In this painting of Todd Kilby, an acrobat working with Circa Contemporary Circus, I am exploring the formlessness of sleep. How we dissipate into the ethereal as we drift off into dreams.
The fact that Todd spent some time in a Buddhist monastery gave me the key into his formless self as a concept.

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