October 2016 - Exciting times!!

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Things have been going wonderfully since the studio show! Very busy!
A brief interim between two shows, but filled with organisation and commissioned works. Also I was honoured to be asked to participate in the Downlands College Art Exhibition this year, many strong works in a huge group show in Toowoomba!


Hanging with my friends at home..

Nebulous Sleepers.. Myself and sleeping dancers

Shrouded Heart

'Shrouded Heart' at the Downlands College Art Exhibition 2016

In the studio with Natano

Working away in the studio...

Billy Shannon's busy studio

About halfway through these!

Crazy busy studio!

Nicky almost disappears in the studio!

First layer!

The first layer of Sabine van Rensburg! This is a commissioned work, to be sent to Canada!


'Creative Sleep - Asher Bowen-Saunders' at the Downlands College Art Exhibition 2016

Asher at the Downlands College Art Exhibition 2016


Part of my sleeping acrobats and dancers series, Lewie West perceives sleep as an amoebic shape. In this painting I am exploring Lewie's great strength which is coupled by his great sensitivity. Here photographed in his new home by Paul Popham of Popham Interiors


Some form and movement developing

Fun in the studio

Eugene, Sona and I often have studio parties. We get a huge amount of work done and have a ball!!

Early layers

The incredible acrobat, Nicky Faubert doing her first painting ever!


Nicky's first painting is of a motorbike trip in the UK

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