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It continues to be a very busy end of the year!

A couple of commissions came out of our studio show and I'm very excited to be involved in a group show with Sona Babajanyan, Renata Buziak, Travis D. Hendrix, Chris Bowes and Henri van Noordenburg!

Exploring the way artists create by making manifest our thoughts on the world, on ideas, feelings and experience. A process that happens both immediately and over many years, our work is an outpouring of various aspects of our observation, research, synergistic correlations and beliefs.


Sabine getting ready to go to Canada

'Nebulous Sleep'
Acrylic on Canvas 865 x 865mm 2016

A self-portrait sleeping, and some of the nebulae in the Cygnus constellation, which was directly above me at birth. Each night before sleep, I program myself to try to reinstate the original 'pattern' which is Billy. It is a healing process and aimed at dumping some of the muck that we accumulate throughout our lives.

It is also part of a several years long exploration of sleep.


Nearly ready!

Dream and trust in yourself

Sabine van Rensburg - Dream and trust in yourself,
Acrylic on Canvas, 960 x 960mm 2016
This is a commissioned painting of Sabine, a Montreal based circus aerialist, dreaming of letting go of the silks high above the ground, to catch them again. Trusting herself, she has developed this skill

dreams of flight

Progressing with Maddy's painting

Work is love made visible..

'Thoughts Made Visible' a group show at Jugglers Artspace


We had loads of fun setting up the show!!

The Zen Master

Chris was incredibly focused with installing his work, and then put lots of energy into helping the other artists. What a champ!


All set and ready to go!!


Always great to see Nick at our shows!

Chris Bowes and friends

Chris Bowes was fantastic to work with


Working on Natano Fa'nana's heart energy

Natano Fa'nana's heart energy. Works being prepared for 'Thoughts Made Visible' a group show at Jugglers Artspace

Sona in her studio

Sona Babajanyan at work in her studio, preparing for 'Thoughts Made Visible'

one by one

Painting the stars above Maddy

Lots of pixels!

This is a great work tool for me!

Master at work

Preparing Sona's work to hang


Sona setting up her work

A fun opening event

The opening night was fantastic. Lots of friends and people generally

Good friends

Fantastic to see so many dear friends at our show xx

Chin wagging

Henri and some other lovely artist friends having a good talk

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