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I�m so pleased to be able to support myself with my personal artwork once more!

Many thanks to all who have been loving and buying my work!! Here are some images of the work so far this year, and an image of a commission that I finished at the end of last year.

I am in the beginning of a mural that is about 7 x 7.5 metres for a private house, there will be more on this next post!


Sabine getting ready to go to Canada

Packing a commissioned painting of the acrobat, Sabine van Rensburg to go to Canada!

Billy Shannon's busy studio

Lot's of new works on the go in April!

First layer

The first layer of 'Dark Matter', a painting of the acrobat, Shannon Berry-Bam.

Packing Billy!

My first sale on Bluethumb on-line gallery! A self portrait

One star at a time..

Painting in the stars, one at a time. I love to make sure that all the constellations I paint are as accurate as possible. They are generally what was above the subject when they were born

silly billy silly billy silly billy

Sona printed this tee shirt for me! It is quite apposite, it translates as 'Silly Billy, Silly Billy, Silly Billy, Silly Billy, Silly Billy, Silly Billy, Silly Billy, Silly Billy

First marks

It's great to break the ice on a large painting.. Here's the first sketch of the forest section of the mural commission

Friends visiting

Sona and Nicky stopped by to have a look at the mural when it was finished


Dreams of flight...

From here to there! Planning out the mural which would take the first 2 months of the year, and transform a friend's house


Pushkin doing a structural integrity test on my home-made easel

How an acrobat packs

Nicky is packing her portrait, acrobat-style, to go to the USA!

Are you sure that you want to paint??

Marley thinks that it's time that I have a break from painting the mural..

Early layers

Roughing in the colours


The client took this surprise photo whilst we wee talking. By this stage of the mural, I was extremely comfortable on the planks!


When it is seriously time to play catch with Marley! He certainly made the workday fun!

Inner Flight

Part of the Sleep series, Maddy Grant, of Vulcana Women's Circus, is dreaming of flight and I am thinking about how we seem to leave our body when we sleep

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