Mural commission in early 2017

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Early in 2017 I received a mural commission from a fellow who had bought a few of my paintings last year. It is filled with imagery of personal significance to him, and some elements of mine which grew out of the process. I loved every minute of this work, which took about two months to complete


The flow of elements

Lotus heart and peacock dreams, working with imagery which is personal to the patron.

He's got my favourite toy!!

Marley checking out his portrait

Marley advising me on technique

A few fun days painting Marley. Models do have a hard job!

Into the woods

Marley trotting through the vortex of forest

Vertigo at the top of the stairs

Grass trees at the top of the stairs


Up the stairs for more air

Changing perspectives, forest to sky. The forest floor, nearly finished

Mural by Billy Shannon

2 months in under a minute!

Mural by Billy Shannon

From the air to the forest. Points of view are important

Little details at every breath

From the top of a mountain down to a forest walk. The perspective changes as one descends the stairs.

Personal perspectives

The owner took a brave step, which worked out beautifully!

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