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Mid-year, preparing for 2 group shows and then the September studio show. This is the second year that I�ve been invited into the Downlands Art Exhibition, and I�m quite excited about making some work specially for it!

Also lately I have been exploring new ways to approach the sleep series. Each new Sleeper/painting inspires further concepts around that diaphanous liminality at the point where consciousness is most slippery. I keep trying to make smaller works, yet they continue to grow. I will have to just follow the path that they lead me on..


Lot's of work to do!

New works on the wall, works to be finished soon on the easels .. and a harp..

Energy behind the work

Working on several paintings at a time has always been my habit.

An exhibition of love

Thanatos is the sibling of Hypnos in Greek mythology. Death and Sleep
I am very happy to be part of this exhibition. To fully appreciate life, we must sometimes remember that it is transitory

Billy Shannon's studio

Lot's of life in the studio at pres!

Natano Fa'anana supported by the love of his family

Natano Fa'anana, Love and Strength
Acrylic on canvas, 1020 x 1980mm, 2017
The painting relates to Natano's Pe�a, the traditional Samoan tattoo for men. Loosely, it symbolises the love of his mother wrapping around him, giving him strength to love, support and protect his family and friends


Brahma's glance

One last glance at the Eye of God before accepting that it is complete..

Early morning helper

I generally start work at around 6.30am, and I almost always have company..

2017 Downlands Art Exhibition

This is the second year that I've been invited into the Downlands Art Exhibition!

Preparing the lid

Preparing an actual coffin lid for an August group show, Ars Moriendi

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