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Many thanks to all who came to Sona Babajanyan and my second studio show, 'From our Dreams'. We love putting shows on here and talking to so many great people!

It was very successful, we both sold a fair bit of work and gained some more commissions. Also many thanks to Nare Mnatsakanyan from Nare's Kitchen for the splendid catering!


Beautiful catering makes a welcome enteranceway!!

Beautiful catering makes a welcome entranceway!!

The Feather Collector

Many thanks for coming Hannaka! Divine inspiration!

Broken Sleep, Incomplete sleep, patterns broken

Broken Sleep
Acrylic on canvas, 1380 x 1020mm, 2017
Richard Causer, a contemporary dancer working with Expressions Dance Company, sees sleep as incomplete and broken shapes.

Russia in my studio

Lots of conversations, this one is probably in Russian!

A fun evening

Food, talk and art!

Beautiful people

Nare and Nick are beautiful energies to have at shows, thanks again Nare for the amazing food!!


Nirvana and Natano

Beautiful friends and acrobats Nirvana and Natano!


Our home is a fantastic work place, and a great place to show our work

Sona's studio

Sona's studio always looks fabulous!

Dreams float in the waves and stars

Ocean Sky Dreaming
Acrylic on canvas, 1020 x 1220mm, 2017
Eliza Dolly, of Vulcana Women's Circus, finds the colours of tropical oceans relaxing. She rests in the ocean of dreams, as we look up through the crashing waves to the stars that were above her when she was born.

Thanks for coming to the show!

Three BIG artist/illustrators (Brisbane Illustrator's Group = BIG) Many thanks for coming Ozan and Anil Tortop! xx

Helping paws at the ready

Setting up for our 2017 studio show.. Lot's of work, but also lot's of fun!!

Loving my friends!

Sharon and Andrew Laycock, always welcome visitors

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