2019 adds a new direction to my work..

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This year has been fantastic so far! A quite inspirational and spontaneous trip to Armenia and a slightly new direction in my work.. I have been also working with ink on paper, which has been a pleasurable counterpoint to the layered techniques used in the acrylic on canvas paintings


Cafe art

I've reestablished the habit of stepping out to different cafes each morning to spend an hour or so drawing. It's a great way to let ideas flow and also practice with these new brush-pens! They are mop brushes with an ink reservoir, and are quite fantastic to work with!

ballpoint and brushwork

This is from the first session with a 'Sleeper'. Mixing techniques to see what works best for me



I am loving the simplicity of working with a mop brush and ink

First massage and modelling session of the year

All set up for the first massage and modelling session of the year! The ink work came out of this session, and I will do a fair few more in the early part of this year to see where the work goes.

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