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A spontaneous and hugely inspirational trip to Armenia! So much beautiful art and wonderful, friendly people. It was also fascinating to experience a post-soviet country which had also recently had a 'velvet' revolution. It's a non-violent revolution, and now a year or so after, Armenia is finding it's own social and political balance.


Carved from one stone

Geghard, one of the breathtaking monasteries near Yerevan, Armenia.

Mountain people

Herding high up in the mountains on the way to Tatev

Mountain people

A beautiful place to work


So many carvings on the outside walls of the churches!


In the cemetery at Ashtarak, this beautiful monument to an artist. This cemetery is the resting place for many famous people of Ashtarak


Beauty and symbology

Ararat, so beautiful and always watching over Armenia

Ancient text

The writing is as beautiful as the art

Cross Stone

Ancient cross stones are found throughout Armenia

the home of ancient texts

The Matenadaran is one of the largest depositories of ancient books and manuscripts in the world. It was breathtaking to see so many illuminated manuscripts!

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