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Working in deeper layers this year and what I feel to be more subtle texturing details. I'm incorporating what I have been learning through the use of the mop brushes and also exploring more controlled optical effects within the layered surfaces of paint


massage and art

I still do some massage work, it inspires me and I love being able to help people. Also my clients love coming for massage in my colourful studio!


I feel that Sabrina Lauriston captures the energetic transfer that occurs in the painting process in this photograph

The celestial octopus

Dream Liminality
Acrylic on canvas, 860 x 460mm, 2019
Slipping into REM sleep, the hypnogogic state between repair and imaginative journeys. Is REM also a state of repair for our emotions and mental self? Does it need to have a function? Sometimes dreams tell us of friends in pain or need, we seem to be able to transcend our physical space to an ethereal zone of information, an Akashic Field in some philosophies.

Roz Howie is a multi-disciplinary performing artist and a biologist, her favourite concept at the time of painting was 'liminality' and she perceives within the transition from sleep to wakefulness that "the two worlds will intersect for a time". The liminal space between dreamscapes and wakefulness is seen in the multiple faces falling or rising between states. In this painting I was taken by the translucency of her pale skin and the celestial octopus of her red hair stretching over her skin. I was thinking about the Akashic Field when I was painting her hair streaming out across time and space. This painting was done mainly from life, over quite a few weekly sessions. It seems to be my new way of working, and it allows me to more fully capture the living soul or energy of the sleeper, to feel the sense of sleep and try to transfer it to the canvas.

How decorative!

A good friend gave me this persian rug for the studio!! I was damaged to the point where she couldn't use it any more, but it makes me feel quite wonderful each time I enter the room!

Merging techniques

My studio in May. I'm merging the mop brush and ink techniques with my older style.. I one sense, there is not much to merge, it is more about leaving the paintings alone when I have 'said' enough in them..

Living in 2 worlds

Dreaming - Other Lives
Acrylic on canvas, 600 x 600mm, 2019
Artist Sabrina sleeping, dreams of her dual life whilst looking at the stars that were above her when she was born in Italy, below her the stars above her in Australia at that time, beckon.

Many of us live dual lives, geographically, emotionally or in our life purpose/passion verses income. Sometimes we are deeply rooted in countries that are on opposite sides of the world. In modern times this is more easily resolvable via the internet's immediacy. However our dual hearts leave us somewhat split and living parallel lives and we may look up at the sky and imagine, as Sabrina does sometimes, that our loved ones are just on the other side of this stretch of stars, and that we can almost feel/touch/kiss them.


Art as a healing tool

Self Healing
Acrylic on canvas, 1010 x 1010mm, 2019
How sleep heals us, emotionally and physically
Sometimes both my work as an artist and a massage therapist come together to help the people I work with. Jodie was violently sexually assaulted and traumatised several years ago, and as part of her healing, she decided to come to me for ongoing massage work. I am the only male that Jodie will allow to touch her, and as she saw my other paintings develop, the relationships I have to the other Sleepers, Jodie asked if I'd paint her as a continuance of her healing process and a further opening of her trust. It was a beautiful and mutually beneficial process and I love the resulting painting. As Jodie rolls around in her sleep, her hands are constantly hugging, protecting/healing and reassuring herself in her sleep.

In the painting, Jodie is dreaming in the section of the Milky Way that was directly above her when she was born. For me it is akin to going back to her original pattern, the moment of birth and the flight of dreams, her self-healing hands appear and disappear as you walk around the canvas, her pattern changes and she seems to breathe. Four and a half years into the sleep series, and I feel that this painting is finding new sensory connections between deep human emotion and nebulous celestial form(lessness). I am so happy that Jodie wanted to work with me and even more so that both of my arts could be of such a benefit to her.

Artists working together

Many thanks to Paula Quintela for spending a fun day with me, photographing my artwork!!

Artists working together

Paula Quintela at work in my studio. Check out her art site!

Artists working together

Getting the light right.. What a colourful world for Paula Quintela to work in! Many thanks for your great work!

Fun in August

The Studio at the beginning of August. Several works nearly done and a few being looked at again..

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