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Sona and I created Plexus Gallery, a commercial gallery representing Brisbane based, independent artists. We actually started creating it at the end of last year, and had planned a launch early this year, but of course, the pandemic hit and everyone's plans changed.. However Plexus is mainly an online gallery which features a delivery system to our local Brisbane market. It turns out to be tailor made for the challenges that 2020 has brought.


A Fragile Veil

Sona created the logo. I love how it indicates the interconnectedness of things Plexian

Setting up Plexus Gallery

We had a great time setting up the gallery. It was several months of organising and web design to start with, and when we have intense work sessions together, I generally wheel my 'mobile computer' into Sona's studio for a few days

Wrapping up the first works sold!

Wrapping up the first works sold from our site for a local delivery! Very exciting!

Serious stuff!

Meetings get pretty intense at Plexus Gallery!

Our temporary office in the lounge room

Work was being done in Sona's studio, so the lounge was the temporary office for a while!


Virtually Live

Our first 'virtual' show! We enjoyed the experiment with 3D, but prefer to put our energies into promoting the site and artists at present. We may explore it further in the fututre

Virtual gallery 1

Room 1 of the 3 virtual gallery rooms which made up the exhibition

Virtual gallery 2

Room 2 of the virtual exhibition

Virtual Guest Room

Our Guest's Room for 'Virtually Live'
We were thrilled to have 6 extra artists involved in the show! They are people who's work we love, and who were wanting to show support for Plexus Gallery.
Many thanks to you!

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