Billy Shannon's studio in June 2024... Painting a self portrait.

June and July in the studio, working on a self-portrait that ties in several divergent thoughts that have been occupying my mind of late

Modalities of the Visible Self, by Billy Shannon, explores the multifaceted nature of human perception and self-awareness. This self-portrait delves into understanding oneself through both physical appearance and deeper dimensions. Influenced by contemporary scientific theories on the universe's history, the philosophical musings of James Joyce, and my meditation practice, this work reflects the interplay between visible reality and inner consciousness.

Modalities of the Visible Self, is a digital work based on the original painting and produced as a limited edition print.
I’ve been delving into James Joyce’s work again and realised that most of his writing is basically self-portraiture. Reading the ‘Proteus’ section of Ulysses sent me into the studio to start these self-portraits which also incorporate, my love of meditation, the mycorrhizal connection of plant sentience and contemporary scientific theories on the possible histories of the universe… Which feels like quite a lot to fit into a square metre of canvas!! So it’s spilled out into my digital work, which in turn, feeds back into the painting…

Life in Instagram…

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Painting the Mother Tree

I purchased my first painting from Billy 7 years ago now, and still love it as much now as I did then. Shortly thereafter I purchased a second painting which Billy took great pride in delivering and installing in my house. We struck up a conversation which lead to Billy completing a mural on one of my walls – a labour of love for both Billy and I. I would highly recommend the quality of artwork Billy continues to create. They are true pieces of inspiration and beauty.
Angus Eagle – Brisbane 2023

Noor - 3 Pomegranates

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