Limited Edition Print of Anthropic Universe - Billy Shannon A sleeping figure of dormant consciousness emerges from the centre, a city suggested at the edge of creation, civilisation teetering on the brink of the known and the unknowable. A ghostly cross alludes to the intersection of faith and science, the cosmic and the personal, and the multitude of beliefs that coalesce in our shared reality.

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Billy Shannon's painting studio in December 2023
My beautiful and busy studio in December 2023

Life in Instagram…

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Painting the Mother Tree

I purchased my first painting from Billy 7 years ago now, and still love it as much now as I did then. Shortly thereafter I purchased a second painting which Billy took great pride in delivering and installing in my house. We struck up a conversation which lead to Billy completing a mural on one of my walls – a labour of love for both Billy and I. I would highly recommend the quality of artwork Billy continues to create. They are true pieces of inspiration and beauty.
Angus Eagle – Brisbane 2023

Noor - 3 Pomegranates

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